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Web Hosting requests, Site Help / nova 2.4 4 installation instructions
« on: November 01, 2015, 09:57:58 AM »
 I've taken some time to make up this pdf file to help those wanting to install nova onto their plesk site account.  Use Adobe Reader to open the file.  Those not hosted by SFUK may use this as a very rough guide.  As those with different hosting providers may not be using plesk as their control panel, different database engine and filesystem parameters.

If you'd like me to make up another instruction for something else like phpbb or a chat then just ask.

-The Commodore

Office of The Commodore. / Server move
« on: October 29, 2015, 02:13:14 AM »
If your site goes offline, it's because there's a server move take place but I'm forewarning.  Due to a periodical update of Plesk over the months; there's a rogue one that caused users not able to see their sites from their locality whilst I could see them all the time.  It was once reported by a member acting as a third party, a number of months ago but was unwilling to provide any diagnostic information or provide the details of the user that was suffering the problems.  Therefore I had to refuse them any support....however, this month, two users had approached with a problem and they were happy to provide diagnostic information which has now led me to this route of changing the server.  This will take a while to do but it should be seamless and you wont/shouldn't notice the changeover.  It is just a server change rather than a server hosting provider move.

Going forward from this, there will be server changes on a yearly basis or when the server provider makes a more significant change.  Server OS updates will continue but plesk control panel updates will cease and I'll run off the latest server install from the provider.  That's more trusting that doing automatic updates using on plesk.  But thank you for your patience and apologies to any users that have tolerated it and haven't said a thing or simply moved hosting sites.

-The commodore

Office of The Commodore. / Critical Update/clean up 2015
« on: January 31, 2015, 08:43:31 PM »
Over the next few days, the server is to be backed up whilst I spend time cleaning it up, purging old stuff and running a fresh reinstall.  The reason for this is that there was an update that caused a problem with future updates.  This will be conducted immediately.

-The Commodore

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