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: USS Marionette 2390
: Ixion September 05, 2015, 09:35:41 AM
USS Marionette
Prime Universe - 2390 - Sovereign Class
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The USS Marionette is recruiting talented individuals to take up posts on a Sovereign Class vessel, with a general directive over both Alpha and Beta quadrants to deal with the rising tensions in known space. After the events which lead to the destruction of Romulus, leading to a major set back for the Romulan Star Empire and also the disappearance of Spock, there has been a fundamental shift in the balance of power. The Klingon's whom signed the Treaty of Alliance and Second Khitomer Accords have been making greater strides to exploit the Romulan Star Empire weaknesses. With Federation interests in fostering peace with the Romulan Star Empire, relations with the Klingon Empire have soured recently causing skirmishes across the Federation-Klingon borders.

If you're interested in a ship with a complex and thought out foundation, then you could do worse than come to the USS Marionette. Let's write together!

We're an open ship, eager to listen to new ideas and new stories. We'll also help you get on your way to commanding your own ship if you're interested. If you want advice, have queries pr simply have an opinion then why not let us know?

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: Ixion August 05, 2017, 09:09:33 AM
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