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: A status update
: The Commodore November 27, 2015, 05:35:16 PM

     In light of the previous experiences.  Next year, certain new and all the long serving members will be offered a full domain name initially for 2 years but registered to SFUK and then after that; will be offered over to the member to continue running.  The reason I'm keeping hold of the domain name is due to the length of time that sims survive where as only a few survive longer than a year.  But I plan to keep at least 10 domain names for reissue to new members or old members that wish to rename their sim.  I would like to consider it as a belated thanksgiving offering but I'll get over xmas and start the new year a fresh.  Also, the main website and submissions will need redecorating.  The main website is quite archaic so something new is in pipeline.  (Somewhere on my hard drive being tinkered).

-The Commodore
: Re: A status update
: The Commodore March 17, 2016, 06:49:37 PM
Feel free to look at the new front page.

The other pages, I wont bother with.  They seem okay; the front page was getting quite decadent.  The join pages require work providing formtools is more configurable.
Domain name issuing is pending but we'll get there.