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: Domain movement -
: The Commodore December 27, 2015, 11:53:09 AM
Due to a WHOIS concern. is moving registrar.  Apologies for the interruption

- The Commodore
: Re: Domain movement -
: The Commodore January 01, 2016, 08:38:41 AM
Domain name move is complete.  For those had suffered an outage.  That was rectified.

Here's the events

Domain name was registered via the same registrar that the server is hosted on just to start putting domain names and server hosting with one company.  Unfortunately in the 'UK equivalent of a US company, .net domain names are not entitled to WHOIS privacy in the UK but that problem is only relevant to this one.  So it was reverted to domain name registrar with one UK company and server data with another.  So the domain name was transferred to the regular registrar that I usually use.

To transfer registrar takes 7 days and I was expecting nothing to be changed at nameserver level.
Authority is given at one registrar and is approved at the other registrar.
On the last day, the registrar transfer is complete and an email is sent.
The sites under sub-domain suffer an outage when drops off the domain listing on one registrar and appears on the other.
So the domain name needed to be re-added to the server as an external domain name rather than an internal domain name.  Once the domain name has been re-added, then the whole server system, internal nameservers register that and everything works.

Job done.