Author Topic: USS Athena seeking a Executive Officer  (Read 4897 times)


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USS Athena seeking a Executive Officer
« on: February 05, 2016, 09:34:28 PM »
The USS Athena needs you!!!

The USS Athena was commissioned in late 2374 shortly after the successful trials of the USS Prometheus. The year is now 2393 and the Athena has served for 19 long years with distinction but she starting to show some of the signs of her long service and is in need of a refit in which she is sent to Earth Dock to commence these works.

Instead of her much needed refit the Athena is given a new crew and secret orders. Most concerning the illustrious ship is given a Commander with a past, who has already lost one ship.

Has her luck changed? How will this tired ship fair?

We need the following key personnel at present:
*Click on the position to apply!

Alternatively come to the Athena's website and contact let me know if there is a position you would like that isn't listed.
Commander David Thompson
Commanding Officer
USS Anaconda