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1.    StarFleetUK is purely a voluntary web hosting provider and totally out of pocket.  Therefore use your common courtesy; otherwise go find someone else.  I don't have to DO anything on demand and if I don't want you as a customer then I can bin you, your account and your data.

2.    StarFleetUK has no alliances, we don't like someone and give them preferential treatment and we don't discriminate and refuse them.  So if I don't like you then it doesn't mean that I wont give you hosting even if any relationship previously went sour.

3.    StarFleetUK reserves the right to purge inactive accounts from time to time.  Either every month or when I'm nearing my feature threshold.  That means, if I allocate 300Mbs webspace to an account, that reduces my feature threshold.  So if I have given hosting in the past and they have gone inactive, be warned; you're in the pecking order for removal.

4.    'Warning for Removal' will come in the form of a suspension page on the site and an announcement on the support forums to the effect that I'm purging accounts and have 30 days to send an email to have it reactivated.  This doesn't mean that I've deleted your data, it means that there is a redirect to a suspension page and nothing more.

The good bits

5.    New account holders are encouraged to join the support forums to look out for any support information and to log any hosting problems.

6.    If you require more databases, email addresses then ask.

7.    If you want me to install SMS, forums or something else, then ask.

8.    Account holders are encouraged to backup their databases and data at any time period (weekly, daily, monthly, whatever suits you.)

9.    The support forums is also an advertising medium for new fleets, simms etc so feel free to advertise on there.

10.    If you require more webspace then ask.

11.    If you require a domain name then I'll point you to and you can purchase a domain name from them.

StarFleetUK Nameservers are


NS68.1AND1.CO.UK does have a support system that is reliable; please allow up to 48 hours for setup and transfer.

12.    Any problems, contact or create a thread in the support forums at


13.    By being granted hosting, you're accepting my rules, further to that is some extras and it's only about sim parenting.

This is very trivial for those that are hosted here but I'm going to add to the T & Cs in a while but what has been questionable or been bothersome is the number of independent simms or simms that were in a simming group and have been forced into independence.  Now what I will implement is a simple means to an end.

1. So long as your simm is hosted then it will be seen as a Task Force 7 simm until you find a simming group/fleet and so you would be administered by them. So in the eyes of TF7, your sim has been detached from TF7 HQ and attached to the simming group you applied for.
2. If the simm choose to change or leave, then that simm will fall back under the administration of Task Force 7 until they find another simming group to go to.
3. If the simm wishes to remain independent then that's their choice.  They would be self administrative.
In short, TF7 has a mission but operates as a permanent home for any sim and the sim can do whatever it wants, go where ever it likes and be with any simming group. If anything fails during it's tenure of activity then TF7 will be around to help.

Task Force 7 Guidelines

1. It operates as an extension of the UFP ie from Federation President all the way down to Crewman
2. Areas not covered by a map produced by another simming group, falls under UFP Epsilon quadrant jurisdiction.  (Yes I know it is a messing around of common sense since a quadrant can't be in 6 places at once.  However the quadrant would be below that of beta and gamma and any exploring elsewhere would then fall under that TF7 command.
3. If a simm falls into TF7s membership, any administering would either be in the interest of the simm only.  No politics, just gaming.  If a simm just needs a home and no administering then that's also fine.
4. TF7 and hosting.  This simply means that if there is no members on board the hosted simm, it will be deleted for inactivity or will be deleted at the expiry date (whichever comes first).
5. Externally hosted simms are allowed membership into TF7 and falls under the same rules but purely discretion.
TF7 will always remain as in independent TF and will have the the organisation of 1 Command Task Group & 4 other Task Groups; all ranks and titles are purely honorary unless the GM is under TF administration ie advertising help, promotions etc; independents can promote themselves and do whatever they like.
Lastly, position takes precedence over rank, i.e. a Task Group Commander ranked captain has command over a GM ranked admiral in the same Task Group

Rules and guidelines are subject to change and anything outside of these are at my discretion and can be added or removed as and when necessary.  I don't want to create politics but I do want to be flexible for the hosting I provide, the gaming I would like to encourage more and reduce politics to a bare minimum.  No need for laws, bibles, religion, canon etc.

Enjoy your gaming.

-The Commodore